You come up with innovative marketing campaigns for our 14 hotels located in 8 different cities. You bombarded your colleagues with creative ideas. Next to that you have a passion for hospitality and a flair for marketing. You are king or queen in how to reach the right target group through different channels. Sounds familiar? See if there is a suitable marketing challenge for you. 

  • You are a creative jack-of-all-trades.
  • You like to color outside the lines.
  • You are full of inspiration to put our hotels even more on the map.

Meet the team

The marketing team works at the corporate office in downtown Amsterdam. The different departments work towards the same goal every day: we ensure that our hotels have everything they need to service our guests. This is mostly done from our office, but we also take the opportunity to visit the hotels and restaurants regularly. Which is sometimes not entirely work related…   

14 hotels, 8 cities

Our hotels and restaurants are located throughout the Netherlands. Like to learn more about our properties? Click the button below.